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I just read this on the forum

The xajax JS reads the form data into an array and passes it in to the xajax function.

My question is what get passed to the function.

ie value, name, type, id etc.  Does it read everything including the unchecked boxes and radio or does it just send back only those fields that have been acted upon.

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it is passing the key(the name of the form-input-field) and his value

please have a look at /topic/8907/checkboxes-in-form/

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Sorry but how do i get to this topic


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never mind...

Thanks for the link.

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It seem that radio tag can also take a name[] and an ID.  Do u know of any examples on xajax that may help in understanding how to use those features?

Also can document.getelementbyid() retrieve the radio ID.

I understand that name or name[] are used to group them.  I also have read that the ID should not be the same name used by the name/name[] but just about every example has name and ID named the same thing.  In my project ID are all call something different.

I need the ID & value items not name in my project...

Can any one direct me to the correct source that can address my issues?

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Just set the name attributes the same as the id.

Seems that getFormValues() uses the name attribute and most everything else uses the id.

It is my habit to define both name and id and always set them to the same value.


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