Topic: Encrypt password?


   Is there someway to encrypt password using Xajax? Because I created a form with a type="password" but using the Firebug I could find the value of it on the xajax packet...

   how do you send a password type using Xajax?


Re: Encrypt password?

Hi Guilherme,

you could use an encryption lib for MD5/SHA1 (whatever u need), encode the value and send it. Xajax does not provide any encryption methods. If you want to secure the transport of the password you could also switch to https.

Re: Encrypt password?

Yes, what I'm studding is this change (use https).

Xajax send information by method GET or POST?

Thank you for had replied!

Re: Encrypt password?

Seems like if you MD5/SHA1 the password and send then the bad guys have the password. smile

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