Topic: xajax, problem execute jquery

Hi all,

I am french student and i have low skill in english so sorry :s.

I have not found a solution at my problem in french forum so i try to post here.

I try to build a treeview with xajax and jquery.treeview.js.

The first level of my treeview are good, when i click on "+" the xajax function start but the other level generate with xajax  are static, i can't "expandable" or "collapsable".

I think that is because the jquery is not executed on xajax response.

i try much solution but i have no result.

anybody can help me please?

if you have a question, i tried to answer you.

sorry for your eyes with my english.


Re: xajax, problem execute jquery


Please post your code.


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Re: xajax, problem execute jquery

think you ed but i resolve my problem yesterday.

I searching a solution too difficult during 1 week whereas the solution was too easy -_-.

at the end of my xajax function, i just add

$scriptJS = "$(document).ready(function(){
                         $("node").treeview();    i call function "treeview()" on my new node create by XAJAX