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I've installed the Mighty Resources component and when I access a page created using MightyR, I get an XAJAX error (refer attached image). With the help of my web hosting company (BlueHost), we isolated the problem to the php.ini configuration. When the ionCube line is removed from the php.ini file, the Xajax error no longer appears, however, the rest of the MightyE components don't work... and vise versa.

What can I do to get this fixed? I wasn't having this problem before until the update of the Mighty Resources component and unfortunately, I don't have that older version. I've deleted my entire installation and installed the components one-by-one to rectify the problem with no avail.

perhaps you could have it work this or similar way:

1. a php script that saves the data to the file, such as save.php. in that script, you take a GET/POST variable, perhaps do some validation, and update the file. it is a separate script, its only input is GET/POST data, and its only output might be a one word message: success or error, or a number like

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I can't tell if this for real or just an add for iMarque.

I find a Mighty Resources component for Joomla. Is this what you refer to?

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